Gamarjoba, Genacvale!
Sarajishvili Street #10, Sighnagi, Georgia


Georgia is located in the European and Asian part of the continent of Europe and Asia, located in the eastern part of the Black Sea, in the south of the watershed Kedi in the Central Caucasus, Likhi Ridge in the middle of the country. The oldest man’s trace “Zezva” and “Mzia” dates back to 1800,000 years in Georgia. There are also 8000 years of wine culture certificates found in Georgia, which gives the name “Country of the Country of Wine”. The plant world (flora) of Georgia is rich and diverse. It counts about 13 300 species, including 4225 seed plants, 75 outlets, 600 moods, 650 peasants, 5000 fungi and 2000 algae.


Together with any kind of tasting of our products, we will serve you and explain the history of wine and vine in Georgia. We will also familiarize you with the history of wine obtained from our grape varieties.